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At this time, we are able to help electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals in the greater Seattle area, but will continue to expand our industries and locations as we grow.



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ANEW partners with over 17 apprenticeship programs in the Puget Sound region. In addition to the apprenticeship programs, ANEW collaborates with public partners, other pre-apprenticeship programs and employers.

Youth Build

YouthBuild is an evidence-based, pre-apprenticeship program certified by the state and run out of South Seattle College’s Georgetown Campus. 



Who Are We?

TradeUp is on a mission to build the largest network of trades professionals and be the one-stop shop online for tradespeople to start their careers, find jobs and maintain their unique certifications and licenses.


Somewhere along the line, shop classes were replaced by computer classes and people began to place a stigma on trades work. This has created a massive shortage of qualified tradespeople and the demand for trades work now far outpaces the supply. Because of this, qualified tradespeople can earn a six figure salary without going into thousands of dollars of debt to get a college degree. 


We believe we’re at the forefront of the blue collar revival. Our goal is to enlighten future tradespeople to the incredible, rewarding, lucrative careers that are available. There are amazing career choices that will allow you to start earning money and learning a skill immediately.


Founded in 2018 and based out of Seattle, WA, TradeUp was founded because of a long family history in the trades industry and a unique understanding of the problems that exist today. 


Whether you’re just starting out and trying to break into an apprenticeship or you are an established journeyman looking for your next job, TradeUp wants to be there to make it easier for you to find the right fit.


It’s time to make your mark in this largely untapped industry by taking the first step and sign up for TradeUp for free.